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Hotels in Lazarevskiy District

General information:

Lazarevskiy district is a large and relatively inexpensive tourist area of ​​Sochi, located 55 km from the center of Sochi. Every year many tourists from all over the country come here to see local cultural attractions, have fun, relax on one of the beaches and buy at sea, visit cafes and restaurants and enjoy a pleasant climate.


The first permanent settler-hunters appeared on this territory about 4 thousand years ago. Over time, they began to develop cattle, agriculture and construction. Many archaeological monuments in the area of ​​the Lazarevskoe resort are related to this time.

The modern settlement was officially founded in 1839. The countdown is conducted from the moment of the landing of the fleet and the construction of a military fort under the command of Admiral Lazarev, in honor of which the settlement was named. Until the end of the 19th century, it served mainly for military purposes and was sparsely populated. Lazarevskoe as a resort has officially been formed since 1949.

Climate of the resort:

The summer is characterized by high temperatures (approximately +27В°C) and high humidity. The sea during this period can be heated up to +24В°C. Spring is quite short here - in mid-April summer season already begins and it is almost always sunny. Conditions of the beach rest and active recreation at this time in Lazarevsky are very favorable. The summer period can safely last until October.

Rest in Lazarevsky

A well-developed tourist programs will suit every guest. Tours in Lazarevskoe allow you to combine sports, health and excursion vacation in any combination.

Beaches and water activities

The coastal strip of the Lazarevsky resort stretches for 14 km along the Black Sea. A flat pebble bottom without holes is convenient for swimming, and the purity of water on calm days makes the sea transparent to a great depth. There are many beaches that are popular due to their beauty. Also for the guests, there are 2 water parks open-air and a ping club. Those who like extreme can try rafting.

Tour and excursion holidays:

In Lazarevskoe, guests of the region will be able to see the following attractions:

• Waterfalls (Tears of Laura, Forest Tale);

• Gorges (Svirskoye, Samshitovoe, Mamedovo, Crabovoe);

• Dolmens (Volkonsky, dolmens on the ridge of Nyhetkh and Mamedov Gorge).

In addition, for hikers, there is an opportunity to conquer Mount Zhemsi with a height of 1109 meters. The 13 km long route runs along the riverbed of the small river Tsukhsvadzh. On the way, you can swim in the waterfall and look at the dolmens. From the top, there is a breathtaking panoramic view of the Black Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

Central Park of Culture

The culture park is excellent for recreation and entertainment with children in Lazarevskoe. Kids can have fun on free playgrounds, and for older children attractions and roller-coasters.

In addition, the region's well-functioning transport system allows you to quickly reach Sochi city centre and get access to all local services, attractions and entertainment.

Lazarevskoe will meet you with a bright sun, warm water, pleasant climate and will give an unforgettable impression for a long time.

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