Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana ski resort

Dreamland peace and tranquility, crystal mountain lakes and gleaming glaciers, snow-capped peaks, piercing the heavens, delightful aroma of blossoming meadows and fresh mountain air, evergreen forests, alpine river with rainbow trout, salmon, waterfalls and Narzan springs - all this Krasnaya Polyana.

Alpine meadows beckon Krasnaya Polyana in the spring and summer, and the charm of the golden autumn is impossible to convey in words - from the amazing ruby ​​red cherries and leaves fern resort got its name.

The settlement Krasnaya Polyana was founded in the times of the Russian Empire. Eventually we moved here came from Central Russia, Estonia, Greece. These are extraordinarily beautiful place, Nicholas II was once chosen for rest of the imperial family and the reserve of hunting. The ancient history of the area still has not been studied in detail, but it is known that primitive people lived here, as evidenced by archaeologists found sites of ancient human, dolmens from the Bronze Age and the remains of a fortress dating from the VI-IX centuries AD.

History of Krasnaya Polyana - not just a chain of facts, telling about turning a blind mountain village in the famous resort. This chronicle of events - a real epic, in which time intricately intertwined history of the mountain tribes and languages ​​disappeared, feats of Russian officers, the fate of the great explorers, the tragedy of the Caucasian War and stages conquest of the unbridled nature of the Caucasus. The geographical position, mineral wealth, diversity and beauty of landscapes - the factors that attract people from ancient times to this place. There are several versions of the original settlement of Krasnaya Polyana. According to one of them, the first inhabitants of the territory were the representatives of the people, was on his way from Asia to Europe more than a thousand years ago. Confirmation of this version is the fact that there are about twenty castles belonging to the VI-IX centuries AD.

Glory to the famous resort of Krasnaya Polyana was destined not only for the amazing natural beauty. For the first time an initiative to study the climatic conditions were the Black Sea in 1896. "There is no place in the Russian Empire, which could be compared to Sochi, and except in the Atlantic region and the Pyrenees Western France have something like this," - wrote Professor Krasnov. There are a lot of natural areas. As the rise in the mountains, you can note the differences in the nature of the vegetation, which varies from subtropical to alpine. It is because of the nature of the Alpine Krasnaya Polyana is often called Russian Switzerland. But unlike the European ski resorts, it is located close to the sea, providing a mixture of sea air streams, rich in iodine, with mountain air masses.  Rest in Krasnaya Polyana - a great opportunity to rejuvenate and recuperate. The first use of the beneficial effects of the local climate on the human body offered Colonel Alexander Tchaikovsky medical service. In 1908 he built in Krasnaya Polyana cottage-holiday for tuberculosis patients.

Principles of healing based on the unity of man with nature. The colonel has recommended patients often go for walks in the woods, relax under the shady trees, to climb into the mountains. The results were immediate: a rare combination of sea and mountain air really brings relief to patients, the manifestations of the disease are not as severe. Soon the fame of Climatotherapy in Krasnaya Polyana spread throughout the country. Krasnaya Polyana became known around the world after Russia won the right to host the Winter Olympics in 2014. However, the true lovers of active winter recreation discovered this place half a century ago. The mild climate, especially occurrence of snow and rock cover - nature itself has tried to create here everything you need for an active holiday. The first conquerors of the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana became fans of freeriding - they appreciated all the charm of a free descent on untouched snow long before the appointed runs and lifts.

In 1968 he opened the Republican Children and Youth Sports School ski in Krasnaya Polyana. From this date began the development of the territory as a ski resort. Raised athletes on the first built in Krasnaya Polyana cableway "Alpika-Service". XXII Olympic Winter Games - perhaps the most important event in the modern history of Krasnaya Polyana. Carrying on the territory of Russia in the first Winter Olympic Games gave a powerful impetus to the development of the village and brought him worldwide fame Season Mountain Resort. Who would have thought ten years ago that from Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana can be reached by high-speed train in less than 40 minutes! Today it is a reality. 

Road, rail and cable cars, built with the latest technology, stadiums, ski and sledge and bobsleigh runs, world-class hotels, advanced TV systems and communication - the rich heritage of the 2014 Olympics. Due to such a big transformation Krasnaya Polyana today - it is not only one of the best ski resorts, but also the focus of an active social life, which laid the tradition of international art festivals and business forums, conferences and trade shows.  

Krasnaya Polyana - a center of mass tourism and the first in Russia a worthy alternative to foreign ski resorts. Safety of tourists, everything you need for your holiday with family, a romantic break or extreme subjugation of the mountain peaks, rich social life all year round, opportunities of improvement - that is the extraordinary appeal is concentrated today in Krasnaya Polyana today and the prospects of its future development

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