Sochi Resort

There are so many reasons to visit Sochi:

  • It is worth visiting the famous  resort  that have got the name of  Black Sea Riviera and the south capital of Russia.
  • Have you ever seen magnolia, yucca and oleander in fool bloom? Nobody will be indifferent to the unique nature of Sochi!
  • It’s splendid to have a picnic in canyon near mountain stream, to enjoy forest’s fragrance, stillness and the cleanest fresh air!
  • Within an hour you can get from seacoast to mountain tops, to Alpine meadows.
  • Children like dolphins, monkeys, ostriches, peacocks, bear cubs, deers and raccoons.
  • There are entertainments for any taste: aqua-parks, recreation parks, side shows, casinos, discos, nightclubs, fireworks, showprogrammes and star concerts, theatre & cinema premieres in the open air halls, festivals and exhibitions.
  • The gourmets don’t remain unmoved by particular dishes offered by a large number of urban and country restaurants and taverns.  

What for do you love Sochi? You will find your own reason to come back to Sochi.  Sochi is the best resort of Russia widely known  in our country and outside. Sochi possesses the unique combination of nature resources and rather developed resort infrastructure, therefore it can satisfy  various tourists' demands. Mild subtropical climate, combination of icy mountains and warm sea allow to rest in Sochi perfectly well in any season, though summer is certainly  the best tourist season, when you can swim in the warm Black Sea  and sunbathe in the gentle sun – the summer season  lasts from  May till October.  Geographical Position and General InformationSochi is situated in the Western part of the Greater Caucasus, the great part of the territory is occupied by mountains and foothills. Sochi is the longest city in Europe, it stretches along the Black Sea coast for 145 km. Sochi comprises four districts: Adlersky, Khostinsky, Central and Lazarevsky. About 400 thousand inhabitants of more than 100 nationalities live in Sochi. Sochi belongs to Moscow time zone.  ClimateThe climate in Sochi is the most unique one: this is the most northern subtropics in the world in the vicinity of eternal ice. Sochi in summer is  the beautiful sea resort; in winter you can enjoy the charm of holiday in mountains. The average air temperature at the seaside in April-November is about +18 degrees; the hottest months are July and August. The swimming season lasts through the end of October, sometimes till the mid of November, the warmest sea is in July and August, when seawater is up to +26 degrees.  NatureThere is unusual exotic nature due  to the unique climate in Sochi. The subtropical vegetation is luxuriant: magnolias, eucalyptuses, palm trees, oleanders, rhododendrons, azaleas, yuccas and other plants, which you can’t see in the streets of other Russian cities. Sochi is the only area in Russia where there are the northernmost tea plantations in the world; where the citrus plants, such as tangerines, lemons and feihoa ripen; where boxwood and other exotic plants grow. Sochi is one of the rare sites on the globe where sea vacation matches with the rest in mountains; where the Matsesta curative waters are at your disposals. The yew-and boxwood grove in Khosta is a unique remnant of wild pre ice-age flora. It is the part of the State National Park.

Infrastructure Nowadays Sochi is the modern resort. Over 250 accommodation facilities – sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, tourist camps – provide lodging for thousands of guests. Sochi has got developed resort infrastructure, here is wide range of activities available: fascinating excursions, concert halls, theatres, museums, botanical gardens and aqua parks, casinos, numerous cafes and restaurants with variety of cuisines, situated everywhere, most in open air – in the parks and on the embankment. Entertainment Concert and theatre life in the summer months is rich and varied, so that any capital city would envy Sochi. Many of the famous theatre troupes and actors, singer-stars and performers tour through Sochi. If you come to Sochi in the second half of May you don’t miss the imposing beer show: the annual international exhibition “Beer” and the traditional festival “The Sea of Beer”. If you visit Sochi in the beginning of June you may attend the annual famous cinema festival “Kinotavr”. In October there is the attractive fashion festival “Velvet Seasons in Sochi”. YouвЂll never get bored in Sochi in any season.  Whenever you come to Sochi you will enjoy the warm hospitality of Sochi resort!  The city is full of interesting sites:  • Botanical garden “Dendrarium”

• “Riviera” park

• Garden-museum “Friendship Tree”

• Yew-and Boxwood tree Grove 

• Arts Museum

• Literature-historical Museum named after N.Ostrovsky

• Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music

• History Museum of  city-resort Sochi

• Winter Theatre

• Concert Hall “Festivalny”

• Memorial house of Barsova

Sochi Resort comprises  Adlersky, Khostinsky, Central and Lazarevsky administrative districts:  Adlersky District (Adler):

• the most southern district of Sochi streches from the border with Abkhazia to Kudepsta;

• the wide pebble beaches, extent municipal beaches;

• the modern embankment in the central part of Adler is the center of resort life and entertainment;

• the international airport and mountain-climatic resort “Krasnaya Polyana” are located in Adler;

• the resort base of Adler district consists of boarding houses, hotels, tourist camps and numerous private hotels and guesthouses. 

Khostinsky District (Khosta):

• stretches from Kudepsta to Svetlana;

• comprises a great number of resort lodgings: sanatoriums, boarding houses, health-improvement centers, hotels, most of wich have got their own sea coast and safe environment;

• Khosta settlement is known as a site of the mildest microclimate in Sochi;

• convenient transport position – not far from airport, railway station and central part of Sochi. 

Central District:

• stretches from Svetlana to Mamaika;

• the center of resort life is  Primorsky boulevard and embankment from the Frunze park to the Sea port;

• the great part of the coast line is occupied by elite sanatoria with vast park areas and well equipped beaches;

• the big hotel complexes are situated in the center of Sochi;

• the new hotels are noteworthy for the comfort of the rooms and high service;

• plenty of events, entertainment and lively atmosphere of nightlife. 

Lazarevsky District:

• the northennmost part of Sochi stretches from Mamaika to Tuapse region; 

• the main resort settlements are Dagomys, Loo, Vardane, Yakornaya Schel, Golovinka, Lazarevskoye;

• resort objects are scattered all over the coast and foothills, they are noteworthy for the silence and isolation and differ in comfort and service standards: from  camping sites and guest houses to elite complexes of 4-5*;

• wide pebble beaches are free of charge;

• the district is convenient for traveling by car and train, it is 100 km away from the airport.  Since Sochi became the 2014 Olympic host city, Sochi has acquired the status of the Winter Olympic Capital what has made Sochi more attractive and recognizable all over the world. 

Riviera-Sochi Recommends

Dagomys Health Resort

Modern 4* complex for all-year-round recreation, treatment and business tourism.

Frunze Health Resort

Elite health center located on the seacoast not far from the city central stadium, has got one of the resort's best medical-diagnostic basis, indoor swimming pool, beautiful park

Southern Capital of Russia

  •  Price 5500
  •  Duration 4 days / 3 nights
  •  Type Nature, Olympic

Gastronomic Tour

  •  Price 5500
  •  Duration 2-6 days
  •  Type Gastronomic, Nature

Southern Capital of Russia

  •  Number of persons 2
  •  Price 5500
  •  Duration 4 hours
  •  Type City Tour, Nature