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We offer to our guests exciting tours around Sochi and Environs! 

During our tours you will see the most popular places of the famous Russian resort: the architectural ensembles of the Sea Port and Central Railway Station, the palaces of health - Sochi’s numerous spa complexes and health resorts built in the 30ties – 50ties, as well as the ultra modern hotels. You are sure to admire the palatial building of the Winter Theatre erected in 1936 being a masterpiece of architecture as it looks like an ancient Greek – Roman temple.

The excursions includes a visit to the heart of the resort – Matsesta Spa Complex renowned for its curative mineral springs. Due to this unique balneological factor Sochi has become a resort of the worldwide significance.

You’ll be really impressed on visiting the unique subtropical park “Arboretum” founded in 1892 by the nobleman N.Khudekov as per whose project the park was laid out in a way of French – Italian terrace gardens at the end of the 19th century. The Arboretum features more than 2000 species of plants brought from different climatic zones of the world from each continent. At any time of the year one can admire the blossoming flowers and vegetation.

You can also see Sochi new sights of the Olympic venues (the Fisht Olympic Stadium,

 the Bolshoy Ice Dome, the Iceberg Skating Palace, and the Shayba Arena; the Adler Arena Skating Center, the Ice Cube Curling Center, the Main Media Center) and the only Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix Racing Circuit.

The magnificent fountain at the foot of the Olympic Cauldron is the site for the scheduled Waters of the Olympic Park show (in the dark) with the choreographed fountain and lights displays set to the world-famous orchestral music of  Russian composers. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience and splendid pictures!

The now world-famous settlement of Krasnaya Polyana lies only 50 km from the seashore, up in the Caucasus mountains, in the valley of the magnificent Mzymta river, and it welcomes its visitors on an astounding journey along the highway that crosses the breathtaking canyons and gorges.

Welcome to Sochi and see all of it with your own eyes! We'll be glad to provide the best service in Sochi and make your trip unforgettable! 


Sochi, the Southern Capital of Russia, 4 days / 3 nights

Guided Tour, 4 days / 3 nights. Our guests can explore Russian famous sea and mountain resort Sochi and visit the most interesting sites of City of Sochi: Sea Port, Primorskiy boulevard, Olympic Park, Dendrarium, AJ Hackett Skypark Sochi