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Officially, Adler District is a part of the Great Sochi. Apart from this, international airport of Sochi is located here. Resort Adler has become especially famous and attractive because of the nearby Olympic Park, built for the 22 Winter Olympic Games in 2014. The subtropical climate makes the summer here hot and humid. Hot weather lasts here from mid-April to October.

History of Adler

The first mention of the settlement here refers to 1641. After the end of the Russo-Turkish war in 1829, the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus moved to the Russian Empire. As a resort, Adler began to develop actively during the Soviet era, then a large-scale reconstruction of old boarding houses was carried out and new recreation areas were built. Despite the fact that Adler is slightly smaller than Sochi, Adler is not inferior to Sochi on variety of activities and sightseeings.

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Beach Hotel from 1235 RUR

14, Alleynaya street, Adler, Sochi


Guest House from 1045 RUR

154-A, Prosveshcheniya street, Adler district, Sochi


City Hotel from 1805 RUR

14, Ulyanov Street, Adler, Sochi

Ecodom Adler

Beach Hotel from 2280 RUR

160 B, Enlightenment Street, Adler, Sochi


Beach Hotel from 2185 RUR

219, Lenin Street, Adler, Sochi


City Hotel from 1321 RUR

50, Bogdan Khmelnitsky Street, Adler, Sochi


Guest House from 1311 RUR

34/2, Chkalov street, Adler district, Sochi

M - Hotel

City Hotel from 1235 RUR

282/2, Lenina street, Adler, Sochi


City Hotel from 2280 RUR

68, B. Khmelnitsky Street, Adler, Sochi


Beach Hotel from 1900 RUR

219, Lenin street, Adler, Sochi


City Hotel from 1710 RUR

280, Lenin Street, Adler, Sochi


City Hotel from 2090 RUR

1B, Bestuzhev Street, Adler, Sochi


Beach Hotel from 1187 RUR

19в, street of Enlightenment, Adler district, Sochi

San Sochi Delina Resort

Guest House from 1532 RUR

16, Vegetarian Street, Adler, Sochi


Guest House from 1900 RUR

170/5, street of Enlightenment, Adler district, Sochi


Guest House from 855 RUR

2/2, Alleynaya street, Adler, Sochi


Guest House from 1520 RUR

187, Enlightenment Street, Adler, Sochi


Wellness from 5130 RUR

219 a, Lenin street, Adler district, Sochi