Welcome to the Russian Black Sea coast


The city-resort Gelendzhik is located on the shore of a picturesque bay at the foot of the Markhotsky mountain range 25 km to the South-East from Novorossiysk, 180 km from Krasnodar and 250 km from Sochi (distance by road). Hotels in the Central part of Gelendzhik are compactly located along the waterfront in the area of Thin Cape and Thick Cape.

Municipal formation Gelendzhik resort city is a climatic resort of the Black sea coast. The structure of the municipality consists of 21 settlements, 8 of them are located on the beach and formed as independent resorts. Among them: Gelendzhik, Kabardinka village, pnomorskoe, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Praskoveevka, Krinitsa, Dzhankhot and Betta farms.

Gelendzhik is more than 100 kilometers of coastline of sandy and pebble beaches of amazing beauty, as well as 12 km of white promenade, which is the pride and hallmark of the city and resort villages.

Gelendzhik Bay is a unique natural formation, the most beautiful on the black sea coast of the Caucasus. Its horseshoe-shaped form promises all the happiness and hope to vacationers. The beauty of the Bay is beautifully accentuated by the two capes bordering it. Thick-tall, rocky with a lighthouse at the end and the opposite Thin – hollow protruding into the sea. The distance between them is one nautical mile – 1852 meters.

The mountain air with the aroma of sea breeze and pine needles, a picturesque cozy Bay, a pearl necklace of pine groves — it seems that nature has brought together many benefits in our resort, so that people rest and heal here both soul and body.

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Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzik

from 10925 RUR

53, Revolutsionnaya street, Gelendzhik

Nadezhda SPA&Sea Paradise

3, Mira street, Kabardinka village, Gelendzhik