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About the city

Krasnodar is located in the southern part of the East European plain on the Prikubansky lowland, 1350 km South of Moscow. It is located almost in the center of Krasnodar Krai, in the southern part of the Prikubansky plain, in the valley of the Kuban river (on the right, high Bank), that is geomorphologically — on the West Kuban alluvial and proluvial plain, on the second terrace above the floodplain. The relief of Krasnodar is calm, smooth, has a flat slope to the Northwest. Height above sea level ranges from 19 to 32 meters. Valley of the Kuban River, near the town shared the Kuban and TRANS-Kuban plains. The latter has an elevated gently sloping terrain and is dissected by numerous left-Bank channels of Kuban.

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Amici Grand Hotel

112, Krasnih Partizan street, Krasnodar


131, Maya street, Krasnodar