Sochi Resort

Sochi is the largest resort city in Russia with a population of more than 400 thousand people. Big Sochi consists of resort towns, the most famous are Adler, Krasnaya Polyana, Kudepsta, Khosta, Dagomys, Loo, Vardane, Lazarevskoye. Sochi stretched for 145 km along the Black Sea coast of Russia, from the village of Magri in the north to the border with Abkhazia in the south.

The city is pided into 4 administrative and resort areas (from the south to the north): Adler, Khostinsky, Central and Lazarevsky.

The distance between the city districts: the center of Sochi - Adler - 30 km, the center of Sochi - Khosta - 20 km, the center of Sochi - Lazarevskoye village - 70 km.

Moscow time.

Get to Sochi

You can get to Sochi by air with the arrival at the airport "Adler" Sochi or by rail to the stations of Adler, Hosta, Sochi, Dagomys, Loo, Lazarevskoye.

To get from the airport or from the railway station to the accommodation can be on public transport: trains "Swallow", buses.

Where to eat and where to go

For guests of Sochi in a large selection of restaurants, cafes, bars, bistros, pizzerias, where you can taste dishes of Caucasian, European, Russian cuisine and various cuisines of the world 

  • DoubleCoffee a coffee shop on may day, 13
  • Frau Marta is a pub opposite the Marina, near the Seaport
  • Churchill bar-beer bar on Sovetskaya street, 42
  • Juan Ivanovich – pub Egorova, 2
  • Red Café - cafe on Gagarin, 4
  • Biscuit-cafe-confectionery on the upper embankment of the GOST. "Primorye"
  • White night – cafes of national cuisine on the Sea floor at the "Marins Park hotel"
  • Brigantine-French cuisine cafe on the Marina near the Seaport
  • Arugula-Italian trattoria on Vorovskogo 36 
  • Khmeli Suneli-Georgian restaurant on Roses, 57
  • NipponHouse-Japanese restaurant on Vorovskogo 36
  • Olivier – the French restaurant and European cuisine at Rose 52
  • Seasoning-restaurant of national cuisine in GC " ZhemchuzhinaВ»
  • Sanremo –an Italian restaurant on the street on the waterfront near the Park Frunze from the circus
  • Eastern block - Eastern cuisine restaurant, entrance from Theatre square
  • Old Bazaar-restaurant of Caucasian cuisine in front of the sea port of Sochi
  • Dvin castle is a country restaurant of Armenian cuisine, located in the city near the AVT. stops " New dawn" 
  • La Terazza-Italian restaurant in the Royal Park residential complex near the Radisson Lazurnaya hotel"
  • Light House is a restaurant of European and Oriental cuisine in the Central promenade area, near the " Marins Park Hotel"
  • Promenade – restaurant with European cuisine for thieves, 3
  • Blue sea – the Mediterranean restaurant on the street on the waterfront near the Park Frunze from the circus 
  • SEC "Moremoll"


Krasnaya Polyana

  • Mountain carousel (viewing platforms)
  • The house Museum of the Estonian writer Tammsaare
  • The Museum of the Caucasian State nature biosphere reserve
  • Aviary complex
  • Souvenir fair (group " Alpika-Service")

Adler district 

  • Seaquarium
  • Museum of history of Adler district
  • Dolphinarium
  • Park of Culture and rest
  • Park " Southern culturesВ»
  • Ethnographic complex "Amshenskie yardВ»
  • Trout farm " Adler "(as part of the tour " Beauty of the Caucasus" )
  • Show glass blowers on Trout farm (as part of the tour " Beauty of the Caucasus" )
  • Aviary complex on Krasnaya Polyana
  • Apiary (as part of the tour " to visit the beekeeper" )

Khosta district 

  • Yew-box grove (visit in the yew-boxwood grove )
  • Big Akhun. 
  • Giving them. I. V. Stalin (as part of the tour "Sochi-the famous Russian resort" )
  • Matsesta resort (as part of the tour "Sochi-the famous Russian resort" )
  • Museum of history of Khosta district

Central district 

  • Botanical Park " arboretum " (as part of the tour " Sochi-the southern capital of Russia")
  • The Park "RivieraВ» 
  • Oceanarium in the Park " Riviera"
  • Dolphinarium in the Park " Riviera"
  • Luna Park 
  • Sochi art museum 
  • Arts square
  • Seaside promenade 
  • Winter theatre (as part of the tour " Sochi-the southern capital of Russia" )
  • Marine station (as part of the tour "Sochi-the southern capital of Russia" )
  • Light and music fountain
  • Platanovaya alley 
  • Area "FilofantasiaВ» 
  • Museum of the history of the resort city of Sochi 
  • Art museum
  • The house Museum is Giving them. Barsova
  • Museum them. N. A. Ostrovsky
  • Museum of sports glory of Sochi
  • Garden-Museum "Tree of FriendshipВ» 
  • Organ and chamber music hall 
  • Church Of Archangel Michael 
  • Church of St. Vladimir equal-to-the-apostles

Lazarevsky district

  • Ethnographic museum
  • 33 waterfalls 
  • Mamedova gorge 
  • The birthplace of Russian tea (as part of the tour "Sochi is the northernmost tea in the world" )
  • Exhibition of retro cars (as part of the tour " Sochi is the northernmost tea in the world" )

Information service

  • Country calls: +7 (Russia code), then city code
  • International calls:"+", then the country code
  • Code Sochi: +7 (code Russia) 8622 (code Sochi)
  • Help Desk phone numbers: 
  • Sochi airport - (862) 2400088, 
  • railway station Sochi - (862) 2609009,
  • Adler railway station - (862) 2460606,
  • Lazarevskoye railway station - (862) 2722182,
  • Sochi bus station - (862) 2646435,
  • taxi airport-8 800 7077778

Emergency telephone numbers:

  • medical assistance - 03 (from city phone), 030, 112 (from mobile phone)
  • fire service - 01 (from city phone), 010 (from mobile phone)
  • police - 02 (from city phone), 020 (from mobile phone)

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