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Gagra-Pitsunda-New Athos

  •  Number of persons 2-45
  •  Price per person 1000
  •  Duration 10 hours
  •  Type Nature, Adventure

We suggest a wonderful trip to Abkhazia.

The first town you will visit is Gagra. Gagra is a small and comfortable resort town. There tourists will see the famous colonnade of Gagra; there will be an option to visit the Stalin's Dacha which is located in a picturesque place named Kholodnaya Rechka. You will see Stalin’s Dacha which stores the original furniture; there are the billiard room and the cinema room. Further after Stalin’s Dacha tourists will visit Pitsunda. Pitsunda is a town that is renowned not only for its magnificent beaches but also for medicinal properties of Pitsunda pines. There tourists can relax on the seashore, breathe the unique air, enjoy the beauty of pine grove and have lunch in the cafe.

Then we will visit the New Athos which is considered a unique place at the foot of Iverian Mountain. In the territory of the New Athos there is a great quantity of sights.

One of the main places is the New Athos Monastery and the male temple of Simon Kananeus. New Athos Cave is the whole underground city consisting of 11 halls. There tourists will learn the history of the cave, the appearance of stalactites and stalagmites.

In the village Lykhny there will be a stop to learn the technological process of production of wines, ways of its storage and to taste different wines.

Gagra - Stalin's Dacha - Pitsunda - New Athos - Lykhny
 Price includes
- transportation and guide service;
- a bottle of water;
- entrance fee.

Please note that estimated tour duration indicated at the excursions description refers to tours starting from the central district of Sochi. Duration of the tour is subject to change if the point of departure is in other districts. You can learn about your tour duration when booking. Prices for guided tours are indicated per person in the group of 19 people if the departure is from the center of Sochi.

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