Valley of legends and 33 waterfalls

  •  Number of persons 40
  •  Price per person 1250
  •  Duration 6 hours
  •  Type Active, Gastronomic, Nature, Adventure

A suburban tour with off-roader waftage and a museum (6 hours)

A suburban guided tour around Lazarevsky District to one of the most remarkable places on the Black Sea coast of Caucasus – a natural landmark called the 33 Waterfalls on Dzhegosh Stream:

  • a walk to the magnificent tulip tree (whitewood) in Golovinka – Liriodendron tulipifera: it takes more than 10 people to embrace the trunk of this tree;
  • learn about Caucasian ethnic cultures, the way back when lifestyles on the local seaside, visit the ethnographic museum, take pictures of Circassian national costumes;
  • a tea party – local tea (black or green) served with honey;
  • an off-roader ride in the Shakhe river bed – the biggest river in Lazarevsky District;
  • a walk to the falls of the Dzhegosh stream – 33 waterfalls, 7 rapids and 13 rifts;
  • optional – a barbeque dinner and homemade wine.
Tulip tree (whitewood) in Golovinka - Liriodendron tulipifera, the ethnographic Museum, the Shakhe river, the falls of the Dzhegosh stream
 Price includes
- transportation and guide service;
- a bottle of water;
- entrance fee;
- off-road ride.

Please note that estimated tour duration indicated at the excursions description refers to tours starting from the central district of Sochi. Duration of the tour is subject to change if the point of departure is in other districts. You can learn about your tour duration when booking. Prices for guided tours are indicated per person in the group of 19 people if the departure is from the center of Sochi.

Contact person

Daria Chotchaeva

Daria Chotchaeva

+78622694420, ext. 3937



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