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Legends of the Kingdom of the Bosporus and the wine roads

  •  Price per person On request
  •  Duration 3 days
  •  Type Gastronomic, Historical
Sochi - Krymsk - Lefkadia - Taman - Goubitskaya - Fanagoriya - Anapa - Guy Kodzor - Sikora - Semigorye
 Price includes
2 nights in the 3 stars hotel, vine tasting, 3 gastronomic lunch, guide excursions and transportation service

Legends of the Kingdom of the Bosporus and the wine roads of southern Russia

Lavender Blossom Wine Tour

We invite you to travel through the lavender fields and modern winery and cheese factories. Let's try some of the best Russian wines mixed with local gourmet cheeses, let's relax in picturesque places of nature.  We will visit fascinating excursions and learn about the production technologies and traditions of winemaking. Dip into the atmosphere of this wine province, without leaving the country.

 Day 1
Valley of "Lefkadia" - "Russian Tuscany":

- Lunch at the "Amfora" restaurant overlooking the French courtyard
- excursion to the valley
- photo-stop in lavender fields
- tasting of 4 types of wine from the "Likuriya" wine line
- winery, laboratory complex

“Fanagoria” - “the position obliges” - Russia's largest wine cellar:

- viewing platform with a review of the vineyards
- cooper shop
- tasting 7 types of wine
- Lunch at the signature restaurant, where the freshest products from local fishermen and farmers are delivered
 Day 2
"Golubitskoe Estate" - terroir by the sea:

- modern Italian-style winery between the Sea of Azov and the Akhtanizovsky estuary
- tasting 4 types of wine

The estate "Sikora" - high-level wines made with great love at the family winery:

- modern gravity winery
- gastronomic couples: tasting 5 wines + bruschetta specially designed for each wine

Manor "Semigorye" - agro-tourism complex with a garage wine-making:

- Lunch from local specialties in the restaurant with stunning views of the valley and mountains
- assorted cheeses from the local cheesemaker
- rest on the lake
 Day 3
Winery "Guy Kodzor" - French varieties of the Rhone Valley:

- mini-tour around the territory
- garden with rare plants - the oasis in the middle of the general hilly relief
- Visiting the branded store with the opportunity to purchase exclusive wines that are not represented in the retail network

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Anna Yashina

Anna Yashina

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