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Excursion to the places where ancient cities were located in the ancient state

  •  Price per person on request
  •  Duration 5 days / 4 nights
  •  Type Gastronomic, Historical
Sochi - Gelenzhik - Anapa - Taman - Kerch - Feodosia - Simferopol
 Day 1
Sochi - Ampsalida

The legend of Prometheus was brought by the ancient Greeks from the coast of modern Sochi, and the gold-bearing mountain rivers were described in the myths about the Argonauts.
Sightseeing tour of Sochi with a visit to the museum of history of Sochi city - the exhibition "Archaeological monuments of the Sochi region." Excursion to the art museum, which stores one of the loudest antique finds - Mzymta treasure. Sculpture "Golden Fleece". Dinner.
Walking to the Eagle Rocks. According the legend, Zeus ordered Prometheus to be chained there for ever because of fire which had been stolen by him from the gods and given to people on Earth. Statue of Prometheus.
 Day 2
Gelenzhik - Torik

Breakfast in the hotel. Transfer to Gelenzhik - Torik, which became a part of the Kingdom of the Bosporus in the I century AD.
Excursion to the “Old Park”, there are ancient temple with the statue of Zeus, medieval stone bridge and the watch tower, the Egyptian sphinxes and the pyramid, the guard of Pharaoh, the obelisk and other cultural monuments of ancient civilizations adjoin.
Dinner. Visit to the Gelendzhik Museum of Local History with interesting archaeological collections of dolmen culture and antiquity of the Bosporian kingdom.
Trasnfer to Anapa. Hotel accommodation
 Day 3
Anapa -Gorgippia

Breakfast in the hotel. Excursion "The ancient city of Gorgippia", a part of the excavation of the ancient city , located in the IV century BC. e. — III century AD e. on the site of the modern city of Anapa. A visit to the museum - the workshop "Antique Gorgippia", where vases, amphoras, craters, jugs, kilics, kiafs, bowls are presented - exact replicas of ancient vessels.
Dinner. Transfer to Taman.

Taman - Hermonassa.

The Greek colony of Hermonassa created no later than the 6th century BC. and later became part of the Kingdom of Bosporus. Excursion to the scientific and cultural center "Fanagoria", which was built on the site of Russia's largest monument of the ancient era. A visit to the Hermonassa-Tmutarakan Settlement - open-air archeology site where annual excavations and expeditions are carried out.
Transfer to Kerch. Hotel accommodation.
 Day 4
Kerch - Panticapaeum

Breakfast in the hotel. In the end of VII century BC Panticapaeum was a city on the territory of modern Kerch, also fortified towns: Mirmeky, Heraclius, Parthenius and others. Visit the acropolis - "Upper Town" Pantikapey. Excursion to the Melek-Chesmensky kurgan - one of the perfect Bosporus retreat tombs of the Bosporic nobility, and the Tsarsky kurgan, which has no analogues in the world and is a masterpiece of the burial culture of antiquity. Dinner. Transfer to Feodosia.

Theodosius - Feodosia.

Excursion to the Feodosia Museum of Antiquities - one of the oldest museums in Europe. The basis of the museum collection was a collection of antiquities of the Feodosia merchant Dzhevardzhi, lapidary monuments from the ruins of the medieval Kaffa Kef. Visit the Museum of Underwater Archeology, acquaintance with the findings of an underwater archaeological expedition, studying the flooded Bosporan city of Akra.
Transfer to Simferopol. Hotel accommodation.
 Day 5
Simferopol - Scythian Naples

Breakfast in the hotel. Visiting the museum-reserve "Scythian Naples", dedicated to the ancient city, one of the Scythian royal fortresses in the Crimea, the capital of the late Scythian state. Dinner.
Sevastopol - Tauric Chersonesos.
Excursion to Sevastopol. Visiting the State Historical and Archeological Museum-Reserve "Chersonese Tauride" - a particularly valuable object of cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation, where the remains of the ancient city.

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